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CBHs, Key Dime, other goodies!

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Howdy folks,

Here's a new grouping from Beachcomber Coins (me) for all of you to consider. Some fun stuff in here, mostly halves, but the key merc and a stunner toner from the morgan series as well. As usual, shipping and insurance are $6 or 10, depending on the purchase, I like to use priority mail for anything over $500, etc. So, singletons $500 and below would be $6, and over that will be $10. I hope you enjoy this selection. You can always ask for a better price, and I can always agree or suggest otherwise. :smiley:

Group shot, prices as marked on the slabs. Close ups for each of them follow (which are way better pics).

First up

Wholesome and pleasing a great capped bust half, mid-collector grade, later date. Has a nice blueish/purple tone around the periphery of the obverse. Loads of detail on this one.


Another original CBH, nice thick original skin. Older fatty holder to boot!


Likely my favorite of the early group is this draped bust half. Man, this one is just great. Has a nice skin, almost that circ cam appearance. As noted, repaired, but this is a great entry level coin for this time frame. Heck, even not so entry level. Priced extremely competitively.


Another solid CBH, great detail, decent little coin, and relatively inexpensive.


The story behind this coin is that it was plucked from circulation in the 1960s, from a register drawer. Same original owner since that time, he had it graded about 20 years ago, and is now parting with it. Truly original, and has earned all its circulation marks, fair and square!


Morgan dollar toner. The color on the reverse of this guy really pops! Beautiful in hand. Not sure what it wasn't slabbed reverse forward, but, hey, its been slabbed for a good long time.

Thanks for looking, lemme know what you think!


Dead people tell interesting tales.


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