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Misprint error find

Just wanted to post an interesting misprint error card I recently purchased on eBay. It is a 2021 Wild Card Alumination NIL Collegiate football card of JJ McCarthy with a layer of foil missing on the front of the card. The dealer did not even label the card as a misprint in the ad. The front of the card is missing the name, the dead aim logo and the serial number. The card is numbered as an ANSG card on the back which stands for Alumination Smoking Gun and is an exclusive Cracker Barrel retail card sold only at Cracker Barrel restaurants/stores. Please see photos of the front and back of the card attached.


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  • I thinks it's pretty cool. I think it's a holo-lux version because it has a mosaic pattern in the cloud around the player wereas the non holo-lux cards have a solid color in the cloud around the player. Does anybody think a card grading company would grade this?

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