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PSA Item discription

Hi Guys , just advise. I purchased a Peter Cullen signed pop with a PSA holo sticker on the pop
The sticker has number Cert AM69742
But when i look the desciption on PSA websitethe Item says CUT. What does that mean ?

Does that mean the pop is a fake ? PSA has the wrong description ?

Any advice would be great



  • JMS1223JMS1223 Posts: 1,093 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think CUT might mean it’s a cut signature which means it’s a part removed from a larger item. You said you had a signed Pop figurine? Is it possible just the box was flattened out with the figure removed then signed and then sent to PSA? After it was returned from PSA the owner could had then reassembled it to put the Pop back inside it. I know this is often a practice people do when getting Pops signed.

  • That make complete sense . Thanks had not thought of that

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