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Answered ? … 1859 Transitional Pattern Indian Cent J-228 - Is it really a pattern?

retirednowretirednow Posts: 432 ✭✭✭✭✭

I came across this old post from Andy (4/2007) and I guess it may have been answered with a RED BOOK Inclusion?


I only buy the RED BOOK every 5 years or so … however, below in a current (1/22/24) listing on Rick Snow’s site for an 1859 IHC

“Old J-228. The Shield Reverse 1859 cent was elevated in the 2022 Red Book when it was given regular issue status again after 63 years. Back in 1959 the popular catalog was the Standard Catalog, and the 1859 Shield Reverse was deemed appropriate for that catalog at that time and given a regular listing in the date set. Soon after, by a quirk of fate, the Standard Catalog ceased publishing and the Red Book took over as the main catalog of choice. The Shield Reverse was not listed in the date section. Finally, after numerous articles by myself and prodding from Dave Bowers, the Red Book added the Shield Reverse. A thousand examples were struck in December 1859 and the entire mintage was not released, possibly being bought up by a local dealer. This would have cost $10. They were all sold to collectors years later. I have only seen one example that saw extensive circulation….”

  • Are they adding a slot in the Whitman albums yet ?

    • What about the Registry sets - I do not see changes to existing sets?
  • Do you think this piece will lead to another hole in the FE/IHC albums like the 1856 FE does for many collectors – especially for that collect circulated coins?


  • CaptHenwayCaptHenway Posts: 31,429 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I politely disagree with the Red Book including this.

    I would call it a pattern.

    I would listen to arguments that it was a "Mint Sport," i.e., a folderol created by somebody in the Mint (either above or below decks) to make money on the side.

    I would not call it a "Regular Issue."



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