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Tucson coin show by Old Pueblo coins report January 19

This will be a two part report , you will see why at the conclusion.
Very exciting to have a medium size show in Arizona. I had two goals for this show, one was to sell a few coins to get some spending money for the show😀 and to hopefully drop off some coins to auction. I called Pueblo coin to ask if they had any auction companies in attendance. Fortunately they had both heritage, and Stack/ Bowers was a co sponsor for the show. This was good news as dropping off consignments at a show would save me about 150.00 in postage.
I emailed heritage after finding out they would be attending and inquired about their toned coin auction coming up in March. I had some toners that were returned to me from legends auction when they closed so I was looking for a new venue. I got an email back saying they required a 5000.00 minimum. I had been a legacy member with them
14 years ago and asked would they consider a 2500.00 consignment as I would like to try them again. 7 days later I got the response that no they could not. So this was good news for stacks/ bowers as they got my toner consignment and some additional coins that I was already going to consign to them.

Arriving at the show which was held at a casino I was pleasantly surprised to see that the venue was perfect.
Lots of security, carpeting in the ballroom, clean and large restrooms and more dealers than I expected. My first task was to generate some cash, time to sell some coins.
Selling coins at a show is easier when you might have 10 or so coins to sell but I had two double row boxes.
I decided to try something different, I typed out a list of the coins and the prices I wanted on everything. My thoughts were I could show my list to a dealer and they could quickly scan it and say yes they were interested in something or a quick no. This would save both of us time before looking thru my boxes . At the second dealer I approached he said yes I am interested let me see what you got. Weston Stepp of Americana rare coins looked thru both boxes he picked out the coins he liked.( he has a very good eye and liked the ones I liked😀). While doing this we talked about coins, collectors, selling, business etc. I enjoyed the 30 minutes spent with him. He bought a stack of ten coins at my price listed! Paid cash and I accomplished my first goal in my first 30 minutes. As I was about to leave Weston looked at the one coin he hesitated on buying and said go over to that table in the corner I bet you he will buy it as it has the “ look” that dealer prefers. Sure enough that dealer looked at the coin and bought it😀 Thank you Weston!
Next task consign my remaining coins to stacks bowers. Luckily they were not busy when I arrived and we were able to talk coins and fill out the consignment forms. Both Chris Ortega and Kerry loughran were very helpful in this task.
This was the first show put on by old Pueblo coins and it seemed they had done everything just right.
Free coffee , ice water and snacks were available. All booths had more than enough lighting and showcases.
There was the definite buzz of a coin show and it appeared lots of transactions were taking place.
I definitely enjoyed my time there ! Even bought a couple coins 😀
Thank you Ben the coin geek and your people from old Pueblo coins for an outstanding show.
Also I bumped into @pointfivezero Tim and got to meet a fellow forum member.

Part two
Enjoying the coin hobby is something I have been able to do from a very young age I was encouraged and supported by my father who had no prior interest in coins but helped me in pursuing this hobby. I have slowly been cultivating my 9 year old grand son to hopefully enjoy this hobby. He always enjoyed looking at my coins and occasionally I gave him something. He heard about this show and wanted to go with me. Yeah!! I had given him a dansco for buffalo nickels and he wanted to start filling in the holes.
Picking him up after school we took the twenty minute drive to the show. When he walked in he said wow. I had given him 40.00 to spend so he was ready. The first table he wanted to spend his money , I said we should wait and look first and then go back. He said ok but at the second table he started spending. I must say every dealer we dealt with was outstanding with my grandson. His first purchase was a pristine 2 .00 bill that the dealer sold him for 2.00😀. He bought 3 buffalos from a dealer at half price and was told go ahead and pick out two more for free.
One dealer had a coin he wanted and said here it is free! Another dealer had 13 coins in his hand and said pick a number between 1 and 13 , grandson picked 3 and was given coin 3. One collector / dealer spent 30 minutes with him talking about foreign currency and said he could pick two he liked ( during this 30 minute break for me was my only time I was able to buy a few coins for myself😀. That dealer ended up giving him 4 different foreign currency and my grandson had the story about each one. He was given gloves by one dealer to handle his coins. One dealer asked him was he strong and he said yes. The dealer then said ok hold this and gave him a 100 ounce silver bar to hold. ( of course grandpa bought a silver eagle from that gentleman to give to my grandson😀). Another dealer gave him a one dollar bill from the 50’s . During this whole time there was a kid numismatic bingo game that he played and all the dealers were great with him. At Wittter coin they talked about their coin university for youth, they explained what they did and what they offered all for free for young people interested in coins. They let him hold a five hundred bill worth 5000.00. After that table my grandson said but grampa how can I learn about coins so maybe someday I can go to that school?, the very next table had a mega red book from 2022 for free to a young collector, he got that and looked at it in the car and at his home when I dropped him off.
I can not really describe how wonderful it was for so many strangers giving my grandson their time. The generosity displayed was amazing. When I left him at his house he said grampa when is the next show😀. I think I got a collector😀
Ps after the show we went to in and out burger and had 3 doubles and frys. I know no coin show report is not complete with out the food .


  • lermishlermish Posts: 1,771 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Wonderful report, especially happy to hear about your grandson having a great time.

    No surprise to hear about Wes, he is a fantastic guy.

  • alaura22alaura22 Posts: 2,478 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Great story
    Thanks for sharing it
    Seems like you will have a partner for sure
    Great job

  • pointfivezeropointfivezero Posts: 1,578 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Great to meet you, @AZDAVY. We spent this morning wandering the floor and found some additional goodies. Will post some pictures and insights later in your thread.


  • BLUEJAYWAYBLUEJAYWAY Posts: 7,824 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Just WOW. What a fantastic experience for your grandson. Great to hear about positive news such as this.

    Successful transactions:Tookybandit. "Everyone is equal, some are more equal than others".
  • goldengolden Posts: 8,962 ✭✭✭✭✭

    What a super report! Glad that you had a good time.

  • silviosisilviosi Posts: 444 ✭✭✭

    Great report which I like but lack of posting clarity. I expect more from you man.

    Hope the young will can be our future.


  • pointfivezeropointfivezero Posts: 1,578 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Here’s a couple pictures. Have an early AM flight but will add some verbiage soon:


  • silviosisilviosi Posts: 444 ✭✭✭

    WOW was nice. I can not go next 3 months (my wife health), But generally in this period I escape from minus 20 deg.


  • ADGADG Posts: 423 ✭✭✭

    Looks like a very nice venue for the show.

    "The vaccines work,” Trump said, adding that the people who “get very sick and go to the hospital” are unvaccinated.
    “Look, the results of the vaccine are very good, and if you do get it, it’s a very minor form,” Trump continued. “People aren’t dying when they take the vaccine.”
    Do your part, America 💉😷

  • erscoloerscolo Posts: 427 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have purchased a few coins from Old Pueblo. I suspect it was a fine show. Tucson is too far away from north of Denver, especially this time of year. I have a sister who lives there, so if they have a show in a warmer time of year, it might be good to check out.

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