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So I sold a 2023 PCGS MS66 Lincoln Extra V Penny on eBay. The buyer requested a refund because 1) I used the picture of the coin from PCGS 2) it had spots on the coin (I told him he bought a MS66 not MS70) and 3) because PCGS didn’t put the coin front on the same side as the label (he claims you can request this from PCGS) I lost the case thru eBay even though I post no returns or refunds. Anyone have any thoughts about this and how can I protect myself in the future. Does PCGS have an option for us to dictate which side the label goes on?



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    Should always post the best pics you can so the buyer can see the spots, etc.. I would have posted the entire slab pics - both sides which would have made the coin's position clear. I think PCGS is does offer the option to to flip the coin.

    At the end of the day, the no returns clause doesn't carry much weight. If a buyer uses the SNAD - "Significantly Not As Described," they are going to win most of the time. Best you can do is be as informative as you can, best pictures as you can, and offer returns for less hassle and sometimes less negative feedback. You can 't please everyone! JMO

    Also welcome aboard. You might get better results with this post in the US Coin Forum. This forum is the BST forum.. good luck

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    I found your ebay auction and it appears you had three for sale, but only uploaded one image. This would mean the buyer wouldn't know what coin they were getting. If that is accurate then I am not surprised you might get a return.

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