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Hello Folks,
Here my FUN newps. I will go from a penny to a double eagle.

Here is the penny. I have not collected pennies in almost a decade. I have been trying to diversify in order to continue to improve my photography, hence this 1820 Randall Hoard large cent. These can come with detracting black spots on them because well, they are alleged to have been sitting in wooden barrels under a railroad station platform for decades and this could not have been the best environment to be sitting in. This one is nice chocolate brown and largely black spot free. The obverse has some remnant and subtle prints on it, put there by some fleshy fingers probably over a century ago. The image seems to bring those out more than what is there in hand. The coin has a nice rotating cartwheel luster under the light on both sides.

Next are 2 of 3 half dimes I obtained. An 1829 AU58 I won in a sealed bid auction at Dave Perkins table, did not close until after I left FUN for home, so I will show it once I get it photographed when it arrives. The first of the other 2 is a nice 1839-O CROnewp. I am putting together a set if O-mint half dimes and this one is amazing and fits what I am wanting to do with this set. There are some very hard ones in this set, and they just don't all come with such great colorful toning.

The second one is also a O-mint half dime, a later date. The late 1850's and the 1860 are more plentiful than earlier O-mint half dimes, but still not generally common with great color. This one I won in a GC auction on Sunday before FUN, was shipped to me during FUN (GC is always quick) so here it is. Note - NO BEAN!!! But I like it anyway. I assume it must have been to NJ for consideration at some point, so maybe CAC did not like it in a 64 holder (?). Or, they did not like the toning(?). No worries, I like it, and might try to cross it to CACG with a 63 minimum.

Next is an Isabella Quarter from the Columbian Exposition. I just love this design and perhaps my favorite commemorative. This one has gorgeous color. It has a touch of black grunge under Miss Isabella on the obv, that probably kept it from getting a higher grade. Smooth and lustrous surfaces and all packaged in an old green holder. Love it.

I will note here that my images might differ for some of these relative to the images taken previously of these coins that one can find online. I try to depict the coin in my images as I see them in hand under the light. So the colors you see are not enhanced in any way, but exactly what the camera sees and as close as possible to what I see in hand.

Here is the quarter eagle I obtained at FUN. I love the quarter and half eagle in the Classic Head series that ran from 1834 to 1839. These can be a challenge to find nice for the grade. This one is every bit a nice 62, with nice mint frost on most of the devices, but the marks limit it from going higher. There are no hairlines to speak of on the surfaces and nice luster, but it looks like a gold coin that possibly got banged around in a mint bag. Normally 62's can be hairlined if messed with, so this one is very uncommon in that respect but the baggy-ness held if back for sure. Getting 63 or above in this series is very hard and expensive (for my pocketbook at least). For the 1836 Block 8 variety, CACG/CAC has graded/approved 11 of these in 62, 10 in 63, 2 in 64, and 1 in 65. The price doubles at each grade from 62 to 64, then goes up 4x from 64 to 65. So the sweet spot in value is at 62 if one can find them nice, or better yet a 58 if super amazing for the grade (not all 58's fit that bill). There was a 63/CAC on the FUN floor for double the price of this one and gorgeous, but for the price of that single 63, I can get 4 58's (if super amazing for the grade that is) of the different years and die marriages. So I will wait for those to turn up in uh, maybe the next decade? (LOL).

Finally, below is my first double eagle, been wanting one for a long time. This one is in an OGH and has a gold bean, probably something like an AU52-ish best I can tell. These are super hard for me to image and trying to find the optimal lighting set up. So this is a preliminary image, I want to try a few more things to see what I can do to improve it. Still a nice S mint double eagle from the gold rush days, what could be worse?

Best, SH

edited on 1.11.24 for updated 1860-S Double Eagle Image

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