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FUN 2024 & PVC

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The highlight of my FUN 2024 experience was being able to talk to so many coin experts.

Several of you asked me to share what I learned. Today on the CAC Forums, Bushmaster, who is an active participant, stated the most concise explanation of PVC I've read. This was under the PCGS Conservation topic and I wanted to share it.

"It is the age and the distribution of the plasticizer residue that largely determine whether or not acetone will effectively remove it.

The white haze type of PVC is usually successfully removed by acetone bath because it is distributed in a relatively thin and even layer across a coins surface.

With the passage of time, the white haze usually coalesces, effectively forming a thicker/deeper pool of gunk as opposed to haze.

Simultaneous with this thickening, the color usually turns green we are all familiar with. Once this coalescence has occurred the deposit becomes more stubborn and acetone may not work at all on it, or may require some physical coaxing (usually a cotton tipped swab or a rose thorn).

If left for years the green goo becomes denser, harder, and turns very dark (almost black) green. "

By the way, on the first page of of that topic there looks like a picture of our very own Winesteven when he was a young man.


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