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FUN Show Report.

goldengolden Posts: 8,962 ✭✭✭✭✭

I arrived at the Orange County Convention Center parking lot ( $10 ) at 9:30 on Thursday. When I got to the show there was a huge crowd waiting get their name tags. The Fun crew were very quick to get everyone their tags. This was unlike the fiasco at the 2022 CSNS Show. I entered the show at the 10 AM opening. I picked up a 2024 calendar at Great Collections table. I then went to take a look at a Seated Dollar that I had seen online. I liked it. The price was strong, but a little less than the same coin had sold for in a Stack's auction last year. I purchased the coin. I had purchased the coin 10 minutes after I had entered the show. That must be a record for me. I said hello to Lyn Knight and Grant Campbell. I dropped off a few coins for Messydesk to image.

I next went to see David Kahn. I sold him a $5 Gold piece. I said hello to Liz Coggan. Next, I sold a Seated Dollar to Don Rinkor. After that I started on a systematic tour of the floor. The floor was very crowded. I saw two very nice coins in 58+ in CACG holders. I need PCGS holders. I will not take a chance on getting them to cross. I saw an 1812 Large Cent at West Coast Coins that I liked. The price was fair, so I purchased it also. By mid-afternoon I had only covered 2/3 of the floor and was getting tired. I went to look at a few lots at the Heritage auction. I liked all of them and hope that I can win some later this week. After that I decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel.

I got to the show on Friday at 9:30. When it opened, I started where I had left off on Thursday. I sold a National Bank note to Emporium Currency at my price. Picked up my coins from Messydesk. I saw an 1801 Large Cent at Pierre Fricke's table that I liked. I thought the price was a tad strong, but I stepped up to the plate anyway. Next, I met up with Deplorable Dan and had a nice conversation. I got to see his 1799 $10 and his $10 1860 Clark Gruber. Very nice coins. I saw an 1819/8 Large Cent in PCGS 58+. It had great surfaces but had a couple of slightly darker planchet streaks on the reverse. I thought about it a little but decided to pass.

In late afternoon I went to look at the exhibits. I did not see any that were super. There was a good line at the PCGS table and a good number of people at the FUN registration desk late in the afternoon. I called it a day and went back to the hotel.

On Wednesday night I set a goal of buying 3 coins at the show. That is just what I purchased. I had a super time at the show and am always looking forward to the next show.


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