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Research and ID???

Sorry to be negative here, but can someone explain to me what Research and ID is? My invoice has been sitting in R/ID since 12/14/23 and this stage of the process of grading seems to be a timewaster. As a customer, I am required to fill out the submission form in order to send the cards in to PSA. When PSA receives my submission, I would think that all the "R/ID" that needs to be done is just to verify that the cards are there and that the cards match the order. Am I missing something?

Looking for high grade rookie cards and unopened boxes/cases


  • shagrotn77shagrotn77 Posts: 5,558 ✭✭✭✭

    Are any of the cards you submitted ones that PSA hasn't graded any of yet? That would explain it. They have to research them to make sure you've identified them correctly. They do have a tool you can use to submit items for research before you send them in in order to save time.

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    Also check to make sure there are no errors in your form. Check your emails, including spam folder, to see if PSA sent something to you requesting a correction to an error. If there's an error, it will sit until you fix it.

  • 19541954 Posts: 2,866 ✭✭✭

    Thank you guys for responding. The invoice is filled full of 1970's Topps cards that are all correctly entered done. This invoice has been sitting there since 12/12/23 with zero movement. I did check spam and there is not an email regarding an error.

    Looking for high grade rookie cards and unopened boxes/cases
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