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1861 1/2 Sol, Bolivia, p/t error, NGC AU58

1861 PTS, Bolivia 1/2 sol, ERROR- P/T instead of PTS (for Potosí)

You’re the engraver for the Potosí mint…you’re working on the 1/2 sol for the new year…those little suckers are a pain in the derrière! You’re just finishing up the mint mark when your friend José interrupts you to tell you a joke…it’s funny, you laugh, it’s close to quitting time…good thing this die is the last one of the day. You clean up and head out. It’s a weekend and you could really use a few days off. Monday is your daughter’s birthday, so you’re not going in that day…No worries, production on the 1861 coin minting is about to start, but you don’t need to be there for that your job is done, all the dies are ready to go…right? You DID remember to smack that last symbol on the Potosí monogram, right? Oh……Oh well, who’s gonna notice or care anyway, such a cute little coin, you can barely even tell.

Very uncommon, especially in such an uncommon grade. The only price guide I’m aware of (wildly old and out of date) is NGC, they list and MS60 at $175

This one is $140 shipped OBO, Venmo or PayPal

I'm BACK!!! Used to be Billet7 on the old forum.

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