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Once a time thought I had the Strasburg Gold.


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    Year Age Tm Salary SrvTm Sources Notes/Other Sources
    2009 20 Washington Nationals $400,000 ?
    2010 21 Washington Nationals $2,000,000 0.000
    2011 22 Washington Nationals $4,375,000 0.118
    2012 23 Washington Nationals $3,000,000 1.118 contracts
    2013 24 Washington Nationals $3,900,000 2.118 contracts
    2014 25 Washington Nationals $3,975,000 3.118 contracts
    2015 26 Washington Nationals $7,400,000 4.118 contracts
    2016 27 Washington Nationals $10,400,000 5.118
    2017 28 Washington Nationals $18,333,334 6.118 contracts
    2018 29 Washington Nationals $18,333,333 7.118
    2019 30 Washington Nationals $38,333,333 8.118 contract
    2020 31 Washington Nationals $35,000,000 9.118 contract
    2021 32 Washington Nationals $35,000,000 10.118 contract
    2022 33 Washington Nationals $35,000,000 11.118 contract
    2023 34 Washington Nationals $35,000,000 12.118
    2024 35 Washington Nationals $35,000,000 13.118 $35M paid by Washington Nationals (retired)
    2025 36 Washington Nationals $35,000,000 $35M paid by Washington Nationals (retired)
    2026 37 Washington Nationals $35,000,000 $35M paid by Washington Nationals (retired)

    Stephen Strasburg will retire happily ever after.

    Unfortunately those who may have thought they could do the same by investing heavily in his baseball cards, will not. 🙁

    Certainly a reminder that investing in a projected hall of famer truly is an art, not a science. Add to that an element of luck. I've got around 200 Kevin Maas rookie cards to illustrate the bad luck side of it.

    I'm still hoping that one day, Maas becomes President of the United States or discovers a cure for cancer, so maybe I can get my invested money back. 💸

  • hmmm,, should I have been a major league pitcher instead of a norm corp dude ? The salary looks bigger above. hmmm. heh heh

    thanks for that.. amazing !!!

  • stevekstevek Posts: 27,472 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Ridethelightning said:
    hmmm,, should I have been a major league pitcher instead of a norm corp dude ? The salary looks bigger above. hmmm. heh heh

    thanks for that.. amazing !!!

    I think perhaps many who had at least some athletic talent growing up, wonder what their life may have been like if they would have put more effort into their athletic endeavor. Take baseball for example. Countless hours in the batting cage. Countless hours practicing pitching, honing the various pitches, curveball, etc, as well as control. Countless hours fielding ground balls. Plus a change to a strict health and diet regimen, fine tined to get as much athletic talent as possible out of your body.

    We could all name many top athletes who did this. Tom Brady, Tiger Woods, the Williams sisters, etc. They lived and breathed their sport at an early age, inspired by their parents, and bought into the do whatever it takes mentally to succeed.

    That being said, it's so tough to do at that age when there are so many "distractions" in life. So as adults, we just let it go, and proceed to our field of study and enjoy good careers. But I can't even imagine what a guy like Kevin Mass might be thinking or others like him who touched stardom. Or perhaps came within a whisker of making it to the bigs, but didn't get there. The movie Field of Dreams sort of beautifully illustrated the story of a player who finally made it to the bigs, got in one game as a fielder, but never got an at bat.

    I did google Kevin Maas, and it seems like he has had a good career as a financial consultant for Charles Schwab.

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