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New Bad Trade “Variety”- CN 1874-S…

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I had the opportunity to participate in the Coin Show’s Live “Mega Hangout” last Saturday night and in it I mentioned how the counterfeiters continue to mix and match obverse and reverse dies to make new fakes, and that I had seen a new one just that week.

The “coin” in mention was an 1874-S Trade dollar; the obverse matches exactly the obverse used for the bad “PCGS” encased 1874-CC Trades.

I actually have 2 of the CC’s, and even these have two different reverses!

The seller listed the “S” example twice, but it ended both times; I did make a bid to add it to my research/ teaching set but it is still out there somewhere…

The 1st two images are of my 2 examples, obverses and reverses.

The next is this latest “variety”.

Obverse comparison of this one to one of my 1874-CC’s is next, followed by some interesting possible markers for other “S” mintmarked fakes from this die.

Best, Jack,


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