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Fantasy PSA membership requests

I'm curious what others would suggest to PSA to add to memberships. Remembering PSA is for profit, I'd like to see ideas which are a win-win for the parties involved.

Coming to mind immediately for me is Signing events for top tier submissions. Submit, they collect the auto (auto grade 10 of course), grade and return. It has many downsides but the closer PSA is to the leagues then the better position they could be in to get more exclusive memorabilia to collectors.

Maybe this could work for celebrities, artists, athletes, notable legendary players of games like Pokémon (I don't know if there would be demand), and maybe even famous content creators.

Maybe if you have the top tier membership then you either get X number of free autos to redeem (still have to pay for the grading) or free submission if you pay the price for an auto (this scenario may make more sense since the cost of an auto will likely vary).

Enough about my off the cuff thought. I'm curious to hear yours. Who knows...maybe somebody's idea will come to fruition.

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