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Gold Cheap & Dealer/Shop INV State Quarter Bags & Rolls Proof Mint Sets & More

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Large Estate Liquidation: All needs to Go
Dealer /Shop Filling Stuff or Hole Filler/Collector

2006 W AGE Proof $10 1/4 Ounce All OGP $sold
2008 Bald Eagle Gold UNC $5 All OGP $sold
both of the above coins $sold.

2007 Jefferson First Spouse Gold. 1/2 ounce Proof and 1/2 ounce Unc. Box in a sealed in a US Mint Shipping Box Unopened as received by me from the mint in 2007. $2075.

American Eagle 2021 One Ounce Silver Reverse Proof Two-Coin Set Designer Edition. Sealed Mint Shipping Box Unopened.

Dealer/Shop Stuff Lots of State Quarter Bags & Rolls Proof & Mint Sets First Day Covers & More.

State Quarter Bags $25. Bags P or D mints
Most States from 2000 - 2008 Sealed Bags in Sealed OGP White Boxes. Approximately 100 Boxes.

State Quarter Rolls Original 2 Roll Sets of P & D for each State. OGP in sealed White Mint Boxes.
Most States thru 2008. Approximately. 100 Boxes.

Proof & Mints sets. Most between 1965-2015
Clad, Silver, Quarters only, Special sets etc.


  • Prices? Pictures?

    Sold To: PerryHall, Konsole, Outhaul
    Bought From: mightyhunter, JoeLewis, LukeMarshall, KollectorKing

    I have solid eBay ratings and have done business with many on other forums.
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    Send a message with what items you are interested in and quantities. Thank you.

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    TTT. going to sell.... what do you need?

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    This is a forum where many knowledgeable potential buyers may view clear close pics of what it is you are selling. And you should consider announcing a value, possibly OBRO. Coins for sale images are examined by all.
    Good luck. Peace Roy

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    Agreed... but also a forum that many Dealers/Shops and volume buyers use....thanks for the feedback Roy. Cheers.

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    TTT. with Gold listings now.

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    TTT for the weekend.

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