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The forgotten home run...Glenallen Hill on the rooftop at Wrigley Field

There have been many legendary home runs in baseball history. They are great stories, but there is always the feeling of embellishment on many of them. There is of course little video evidence on most of them and the distances are often estimated(usually on the high side of course for a good story).

There is one home run that nobody else has matched(in this park) and is clear as day in terms of video evidence and the exactness of what distance/height it cleared.

It is Glenallen Hill's Home Run that landed on top of the rooftop across Waveland Avenue at Wrigley Field.

There may have been longer home runs hit, but this home run feels different because it reached a clear milestone in that it landed on the rooftop across the street. Many long home runs are estimated on how far they would have landed when they land in the stands and there always seems to be some wiggle room since there are estimations on how far it may have gone had it not hit the seats or a structure.

However, this one is as clear as day. You either hit it on the rooftop or you didn't...and nobody else has. It is a bragging right that nobody else can say they did (with clear proof and such concrete achievement).


Kingman's famous blast was longer and legendary of course, but the video isn't as concrete as it is not seen in its entirely where it landed. People say it hit the porch of the third house, but the way the ball was bouncing I can't say that for sure.



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