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1863 $1, 1839-c $5 P55CAC, 1841 $10 P55CAC, 1846-o $10 p53CAC and 1794 c-3b 1/2c fs@Heritage

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Thanks for taking a look!

First we have an 1863 seated dollar graded au55 by anacs:

This is a relatively scarce date in a desirable old holder with a really nice strike and overall level of preservation.

1839-c $5 PCGS au55 CAC

Wow what a coin. CAC has only given 6 of these a sticker, and this is the sole finest graded that has a CAC sticker. Great skin, great preservation, and incredibly scarce in this condition.

1841 $10 au55 cac:

This is a date that in my opinion is a bit scarcer than the value would indicate. This piece is undeniable original, and bears a CAC seal of approval. Anyone looking for a crusty well detailed 41 will be pleased.

1846-o $10 PCGS 53 cac:

this coin has more luster in hand than the photos indicated, and is 100% original. It's a scarce date, and is a bit challenging at this grade level. I think any buyer will be quite pleased.

1794 1/2c C-3b double inverted edge lettering:

Here is an obscenely rare half cent variety. On top of the variety, it also has two sets of edge lettering. In my opinion it has both small and large edge lettering. One of two half cents known with 2 sets of edge lettering. This piece is quite literally rare on top of being rare. It is "hard" copper, and has quite a nice planchet in spite of the issue of a very minor bend.

Thanks all for looking!


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