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What is the best approach to achieving full market value?

I am pleased to have found this group of knowledgeable numismatists. I hope to swap information and perhaps do some business here.

My late father-in-law has left a treasure trove of 150+ central European coins spanning the last 2 centuries. They are predominantly of Austro-Hungarian and German empire origin. The vast majority are in VF condition, a few are UNC. I live in Austria.

I have identified what they are and their current market value as offered on various dealer's platforms. A handful appear to be worth more than 2 thousand Euros each. A dozen appear to be worth between a hundred and a thousand Euros each.

For anyone interested, there is a 1780 Maria Theresa, as an example. There are also several German coins from the 1930s.

I am keen to achieve full market value when selling and thus avoid the dealers. Putting them out to auction via the Viennese auction houses seems to be a hit and miss affair. Is eBay my best option? Should I batch the lesser coins together? Should I sell the lesser-value coins first or the higher value ones? Should I keep the UNC ones as an investment?

My question to you is this: what is the best way for me to achieve the highest possible price? I am not in a massive hurry.

Thank you for your input.



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