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All items guaranteed to be genuine unless otherwise identified as a copy or replica.
I will ship only to U.S. addresses.

****Accepted Payment Options: Personal Check, e-check, or Money Order.****
****Also will accept "Pay It Now" and No-fee PayPal (PPFF).****

right-click on photos to open larger images.

1985 1 ounce 0.9999 Canadian Maple Leaf. Has some light abrasions as seen in the photo, and priced as such.
I never re-touch my photos. What you see is what you get.
Guaranteed authentic. Non-returnable. Shipped to U.S. addresses only. Shipping cost is $8.
Priced at spot - 1%, using the spot price quoted here-->https://comexlive.org/gold/
Contact me to lock in the price.

You can view the current asking prices for 1 oz Maple Leafs with abrasions here--> https://jmbullion.com/1-oz-gold-maple-leaf-vy-abr/ and
here--> https://apmex.com/product/29910/1-oz-gold-canadian-maple-leaf-abrasions


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