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1983 Topps George Brett All-Star variation

I know there is a subset of collectors on this forum that enjoy discussing the minute variations on cards. One variation that I don't think I've ever seen discussed is the 1983 Topps George Brett All-Star variation. It's not a big thing, but much like when I brought attention to the 1975 Robin Yount "puddle" variation, maybe it's just one that the public isn't generally aware of.

I've taken a screenshot of 2 cards available for sale on eBay, neither of which are mine.

Notice the left point of the star, which sits just under the "S" on Brett's jersey. The red portion of the star is partially shaded in black on one card, and the other card, the point is entirely red. Just anecdotally, I'd say that the fully red point vs the black shaded point runs about 3 to 1 in "correct" vs "variation", but I haven't gotten too deep into doing a proper investigation.

I find it weird that this Brett variation is ignored, yet PSA recognizes the 1982 Topps Tom Seaver All-Star variation where the back of one says "tied" and the variation is missing the "i" and says "t ed", requiring you to have both versions for the 1982 HOF registry set. Both seem about equal to me in their limited importance, yet one is recognized and the other is not.

Anyway, I just thought I'd throw this card out there for the guys that like to hunt down and document these kind of things.


  • Very subtle but noticeable. I imagine hot cards get noticed early and less popular cards do not get widely popular until people build sets and notice the subtle fixes. You would think card producers had change logs between print runs. Those would be fun to read.

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