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Adding PSA slabs to my set that already show up in another set name

I am a newbie on the set registry front.....am setting up my 1959 Fleer 3 stooges set. Some recently acquired cards are part of other sets. I have sent a "request" through PSA to ask the owner to remove the card from their set registry. No luck. Since I now have possession of that slab can I use that as evidence to add to my set ?


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    After sending the removal request, you need to give the former owner at least 3 business days to remove the card from their set, perhaps showing a little more patience over the holidays as people are on vacation or businesses are closed. However, once you've exhausted your patience, you'll need to take a photo/scan of the front and back of the slab with all of the pertinent info visible. I also place a piece of paper with the current date next to the slab.

    Next, go to the "Activity" tab in the menu. You will see that you have made a removal request(s). You will download the images associated with each card that you've requested to be removed, and then give PSA an opportunity to remove the cards from the former owner's registry. Again, roughly 3 business days, but with the holidays, I'd be a little more patient. You should receive an email from PSA once the cards have been made available for you to add to your set.

  • Thanks for the advice. I had waited a few weeks after requesting that the prior owner remove the cards. This morning I sent F/B scans of the cards (17 in all) . By late this afternoon the numbers were freed up.
    Case closed !!

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