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My Christmas, 53 years ago

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This is a Youtube video of the Bob Hope tour in 1970. There are several stops shown, but if you slide the timer over between the little speaker icon and the # 19, you should come to the Lai Khe snip. Lai Khe was the headquarters of the 1st Infantry Division.

It's unfortunatley a bit brief, maybe 2-3 minutes, but when I found this, a lot of memories came back. When you see the "Bing Crosby" sign, I sat very close by...there were thousands of us. It was, as you will see, a very hot and sticky day, like most days. A lot of faces you'll see, are sadly no longer with us, how young we were. Four of us drove to the show, all with loaded rifles passing through little villages which were kinda sketchy to get there. But for the grace of God...

Things that change your life !!



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