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Autograph Ink Color and Print Recommendations!

Hi everyone! I'm going to print out a 16x24 print of the attached photo to mail to Authentic Signings, Inc. for Sylvester Stallone to autograph!

They are going to have Mr. Stallone personalize the autograph for us, with a note to the left of the statue and his signature to the right of the statue!

I'm a complete noob as far as autographs are concerned! I had a few questions for you guys:

1) What color ink would look best on this photo? Silver, gold, blue? (Nothing drives me crazier than when an autograph "blends in" to the picture and you can barely see it... I'm curious what color you guys think would "stand out" the most!

2) I will be printing this picture to send into Authentic Signings. They recommended Mpix. What kind of print would be best for an autograph? Giclee, Standard Poster Print, or maybe even Canvas?

Thanks so much for any help you can provide, so appreciate it!!

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