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2017 Panini Donruss NASCAR blaster Case rip.

I'd buy pretty much any blaster case of the top 4 sports and NASCAR/UFC for 99 bucks if it would simply be a good time spend rip while watching a game. Blowout had/has a sale on these for 99 bucks. 20 blasters. Checking ebay, there isn't a card here that in a PSA 10 sells for more then 30 bucks or so. Major star PSA 10's sell for like 6 bucks ! :) Maybe there is a Tom Brady in it.



  • jordangretzkyfanjordangretzkyfan Posts: 2,363 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Good luck…not even sure who you are hunting for, but looking forward to seeing the results!

  • :) Already bored after one box. I take back my 'would buy any blaster case for a hundred bucks' notation above. Maybe back in to it when NASCAR starts the season again.

    Box 1:


    The ripcard is due to someone going along with something negative in the news in NASCAR a couple years ago that was SOOOOOOOOO far off from the truth, and he knew it was, but still used it.. to get sympathy. screw that. Other than that good luck to the all Nascar drivers !

  • The problem with NASCAR the prior decade was the always champion Jimmy Johnson was possibly the most boring person in the sport who could have represented the sport. The dude has no personality. They tried with a couple commercials, but those were even lame arse attempts at making him cool.

    His car had something illegal that brought a hard core advantage that no other team caught up with for 15 years. When it was found, it was the end of Jimmy, but NASCAR would not speak of it. Why would they bust the 7 time champ.


  • The case:

    • 1 Auto
    • 3 cards /99 or less. Many /999 cards. This means commons.
    • No auto'd race used.
    • Inserts etc pic'd.


    Was the case worth 99 bucks and shipping ? yeah. But by only being a NASCAR fan.

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