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Box of 20 "Cheap" PCGS Slabs

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Box of 20 PCGS coins: $210 shipped. Silver box included.
Cashapp, Zelle, Venmo, crypto. Paypal F&F.
1 2005-P PCGS Cent SP68RD
2 1984-S PCGS Cent PR69DCAM
3 2009-P PCGS Cent Presidency MS65RD
4 1977-S PCGS Nickel PR69DCAM
5 1998-P PCGS Nickel MS63FS
6 1993-D PCGS Nickel MS64FS
7 2011-P PCGS Nickel MS64FS
8 2005-P PCGS WW Nickel SP68
9 2006-P PCGS Nickel MS64FS
10 1973-P PCGS Dime MS66
11 1971-P PCGS Dime MS65
12 2023-P PCGS Dime MS65FB
13 2010-D PCGS Dime SP68FB
14 2006-P PCGS Dime SP68FB
15 2023-D PCGS Quarter Edith Kanakaole MS66 FS
16 2023-D PCGS Quarter Jovita Idar MS65 FS
17 2014-D PCGS Quarter Arches MS67
18 2011-P PCGS Quarter Glacier MS66
19 2019-S PCGS American Memorial Park Quarter MS66 FS
20 1995-D PCGS Half MS65+

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