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Who are your top 5 from the "Last Men Standing" at QB this season???

MaywoodMaywood Posts: 1,828 ✭✭✭✭✭

Last night I saw a report that said both CJ Stroud and Trevor Lawrence were still in "concussion protocol" from their games on Sunday and it sort of surprised me, two more guys added to the list of wounded QB's this season. Also, if I'm not mistaken Brock Purdy got hit and had to leave for a few plays. That was scary. I can't recall ever seeing this many guys go down in one season, especially as the NFL strives every off-season to give them more and more protection from injury. And it started on what, the 4th play from scrimmage in game one when Aaron Rodgers tore his achilles?? Mind boggling.

So I was watching some highlights this morning and wondered who was still standing!! :o:p:D And of the guys still able to play, who would I consider the Top Five right now in the NFL? In no particular order it's easy to find three: Brock Purdy, CJ Stroud and Lamar Jackson, but after that I'm conflicted. I would probably add Patrick Mahomes and consider either Josh Allen or Trevor Lawrence for the 5th. The thing with these last three is that they each give me pause for a different reason. Mahomes seems to have lost his magic and isn't the same without it, Allen is inconsistent and Lawrence has trouble protecting the ball.

So I say, who are your top five QB's still left upright, in no particular order??



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