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WTB or WTTF 1982 & 1985 Topps Football PSA 8-10

BasherBoyBasherBoy Posts: 510 ✭✭

I was planning on making my exit from collecting and have been selling off things slowly. I have been digging through the boxes, and this set I'm not sure I can part with. It was the first full set I built as a kid and I always thought I'd get around to building it graded. I have a start of the set, so thought I'd see if anybody on here had some they might swap me for other years or sell me outright. If you have some for me, please PM. This is what I currently have. Interested in filling holes or possibly upgrades.

EDIT: my daughter has decided we need to finish my partial 85 Topps set also, so if you have some nice graded 85 football I'd be interested in adding to or improving my set.

Need PSA Indians/Browns


  • davin72davin72 Posts: 87 ✭✭✭

    Try Mercari. There’s a lot of 85 football on there. Lots of 10’s so won’t nessisarily be cheap but they are there.

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