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Issues getting images into digital album

Just started my first set and I'm trying to start on the album. I can see the images from PSA in my set and in my inventory. I created the digital album and even tweaked the cover of it. I can type on the inside cover just fine. But the images of my card don't show up on the previews at the bottom. The spot Babe Ruth should go in the album does show the hand cursor like you should be able to place something there, but when you click to add a front or back image it pops up and says no images. Am I missing something?


  • hyperchipper09hyperchipper09 Posts: 1,436 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Noticed this with some cards scanned after grading by PSA. So in hand I scanned them myself, uploaded and I was able to use my scans in the digital albums.

  • Yeah, PSA reached out and said that official images aren't compatible with the digital albums. It was suggested to download the official images and then re-upload them as your own. It'd be nice if the official images were more compatible with the albums, but maybe that will come in time.

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