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John Madden & Pat Summerall autographs

I found this gem in a box of old stuff I was going through at my mom's house. Back in the mid to early 80's, I was at a NY Giants game in the Meadowlands with my late stepfather. After the game we were hanging out by where the players came out in an attempt to get an autograph or two.

Instead, John Madden & Pat Summerall came out and we were able to get their signatures on the same page. My stepfather had them sign one of the pages in the gameday program. We were able to get a few other players signatures.

I have no idea what the value of this item is or if it is even desirable by collectors. And while I witnessed the signatures myself, I do not have a CoA, but I am prepared to get it if there is any desire for this piece. I have attached a picture.

Thanks in advance for any and all guidance.


  • 82FootballWaxMemorys82FootballWaxMemorys Posts: 1,267 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Authentications would be a much, much greater cost than the item's value.

    Had it been an 8x10 photo of Madden and Summerall w/modern accredited authentication it might go for a couple of hundred.

    IMHO the items only real value resides with your own memories and nostalgia.

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