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Looking for input from sports card collectors to build a free collecting app

I believe this post follows the rules, but mods please accept my apology and remove if I’m mistaken. I’m part of a group of collector friends, and some of us are programmers, developers, and personal property appraisers. We’ve started building an app for sports card collectors and other memorabilia collectors that will be free to use. We want to build something that will make collecting even more joyful, that will take the tediousness out of organization and cataloging, and a whole host of other features that will bring value to fellow collectors’ lives for no cost. But what we really need to achieve this dream is input from other collectors. If you have a few minutes to complete this anonymous Google Forms survey, we would very much appreciate your input and advice. We think that someday soon, we will be able to pay back your time by orders of magnitude if you can help us make it amazing right from the outset. We've been studying what collectors love and dislike about other apps out there, and we think we can make something better for free. The responses we've gotten to this survey so far have been extremely valuable in terms of supplementary information, and every little bit of input continues to help point us in the right direction!

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