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Additional Encapsulation Fee for PSA Autograph 30th Anniversary Special

I am interested in submitting a few items for the current PSA Autograph 30th Anniversary Special and I would like the items to be encapsulated if authenticated. What is the additional encapsulation fee that is mentioned in the special? Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.


  • RufussCkingstonRufussCkingston Posts: 1,447 ✭✭✭✭

    It is listed on the form... small stuff is free!

  • Thanks for the reply, but I believe you are mistaken. Did you read the wording for the PSA Autograph 30th Anniversary Special? It seems to be in disagreement with what you are telling me,

  • RufussCkingstonRufussCkingston Posts: 1,447 ✭✭✭✭

    I believe you are mistaken about me being mistaken, but it's common for people on here to ask a question and then question the answer... ;)

    I am going to say that the text probably should have said "Additional fees required for "larger encapsulation sizes" and grading, but it just says encapsulation (which would make one (such as yourself) think all sizes). But as I am sure you have seen, or will only be able to find is that the ONLY prices are for larger slabs and the smaller slabs are NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. You just pay the authentication fee(s), but at a discount (for a DV of $500 or less). There is no special form for this special, thus there is no directive or place to enter an encapsulation "fee" for normal or smaller size slabs...

    I will say it is odd that the "Lean More" button does not take you to a screen that tells you to put "PSA 30th Special" or something like that at the top of the printed out form, otherwise how does billing know that you are using the correct prices and not send you an email with the non-discounted price to approve (this is what they have you do for most auto specials since it is a printout form and not a online submission where you would click the special...

  • Thanks for the help! I have contacted PSA by e-mail about a proper submission form for the special. I don't feel confident that I'll get a timely reply, so I will attempt a call to them next week.

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