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Louisville freshman barely plays in first half

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Louisville freshman barely plays in first half due to not having ‘tights that he wanted,’ coach says

When asked why Johnson played so little in the first half, Payne provided reporters with a bizarre reason.

"You ready for this? I probably shouldn’t tell you this," Payne said. "We didn’t have the tights that he wanted, so he didn’t know if he wanted to play.

"Oh ya. You heard it. We didn’t have the tights that he wanted, that we’ve never had for him, and he decided, ‘I don’t feel like I can go.’ That’s what young people do."

Payne said he had "no idea" when asked by a reporter if Johnson's desire for specific tights was due to a groin injury.

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    By "tights" did the player mean panties?

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    That's horrible coaching to publicly air the dirty laundry like that.

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    Not sure if this is the same thing or not. But when the Eagles signed Terrell Owens, Andy Reid was the head coach, and we all know that Andy is old school.

    In the first day of training camp, Owens shows up in some sort of spandex outfit. It wasn't full pads yet, so I guess Owens thought it was okay. Well Andy quickly told Owens that was unacceptable, and to change into regular workout type attire. Well Owens retorted back to Andy, Owens being a diva, said No. That he had always wore this to training camp, he was comfortable in it, and was going to continue to wear it. Well Andy and him, according to what I read, got into quite a heated argument about it.

    Reid wasn't going to budge, and Owens quickly realized that he wasn't going to win this argument, and acquiesced. LOL

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    Didn’t Antonio Brown refuse to practice because the NFL told him his helmet (last year’s model) wasn’t approved any longer?
    That went on for quite awhile if I recall

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    Geez this isn't worth getting so uptight about! I mean geez, I hope he doesn't get his shorts all in a knot! I guess that's better than eating your shorts! I mean seriously, don't have a cow, man!

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