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Different Versions Of Cards Showing In The Same Set List

Hi - I'm brand new to PSA set collecting and this is my first post on the forum. I read The Glory of Their Times, loved it, and decided to collect a set of cards of all of the players interviewed in the book. But now I'm having problems figuring out which T206 cards are in the set.
For some of the T206 cards the links in the set checklist take me to different versions of the card. Here are two screenshots. I highlighted the web address in the browser in both and I'm going to same webpage for the checklist each time (I actually have this webpage bookmarked).
Sometimes when I click on the Fred Snodgrass link it takes me to the catching version of his card (highlighted green - web address at the bottom is labeled batting and ends in 18084). Other times when I click on the link it takes batting version of the card (highlighted pink - web address at the bottom is labeled catching and ends in 18083). It also does this for some of the other T206's where there are multiple cards of the same player.
How is this possible? I keep going to same checklist webpage but the links take me to different versions of the cards. More importantly, how do I determine which version of the card(s) is in the checklist?...or does it not matter?
Thanks for your responses and looking forward to more set collecting and engaging in the forum.


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