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2006-W $50 Eagle-20th Anniv. Rev PR (Proof) Die varieties?? PCGS# 89994

TheSchofieldKidTheSchofieldKid Posts: 4
edited November 30, 2023 1:00PM in PCGS Set Registry Forum

I'm thinking of bidding on this coin.

It's listed in the set composition of my registry set.


If you notice there are 17 varieties with different PCGS numbers listed under_ Die Varieties._

Of course these aren't die varieties but 17 different labels.

When I do a test add the one with Moy signature (PCGS# 621167) doesn't come up as being part of my set although it clearly is the same coin.

I sort of understand why PCGS assigns different numbers to labels but since it is the same exact coin shouldn't it fit the criteria to be included in a set?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Thank you.

    I'm sure it has been discussed before but, as collectors, we are interested in the coin and grade (not the label.)
    Why they started using different PCGS#s for the same coin but different label blows my mind.

    I have three complete modern Morgan sets (2021, 2023).

    I stopped doing the fourth because it was the same exact coins along with First Strike labels. I was essentially having to double my layout in cash just to have the same coin with a "regular"label and one with "First Strike.")

    I'm ranked 6th in my Top 100 Modern Coins (and Top 100 Modern 10th Anniversary ) sets.

    Trying to obtain everything but the bullion coins first. I do have one platinum.

    Saving all the gold eagles, platinum, and buffaloes for last as they are easier to come by (for the most part.)

    They are very expensive sets to collect. But I am having a blast doing it.

  • mrcommemmrcommem Posts: 1,152 ✭✭✭✭

    Does it really make any difference if it is a First Strike coin or one with some other fancy label. The same coin is the same coin. I don't collect plastic slabs or labels.

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