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FS: Rare/Key Date Morgan and Peace Dollars

bretsanbretsan Posts: 102 ✭✭✭

1879-CC PCGS XF45 Morgan Top 100 Vam 3 Capped Die: PENDING https://imgur.com/a/T1bWx6E
Exceptional detail for the grade. You can see this in the hair just above Liberty’s ear. Rate date and rarer yet as a Top 100 Vam 3

1884-CC NGC MS63 Morgan: Price drop to $310 https://imgur.com/a/qGPuW1T Blast White but with a very scuffed holder. As a result, I’ve priced this only $5 above Greysheet wholesale.

1886-P NGC old Fatty DPL MS64 Morgan: Price drop to $440 5% over Greysheet! https://imgur.com/a/1iIz8Xp
All white obverse with perimeter toning on the reverse that includes a hint of iridescent blue. Deep mirrored fields on this stunning coin!

1889-O PCGS MS64 Morgan: Price Drop $795 to $750 https://imgur.com/a/ot1XKXU
Fully toned on all surfaces of both sides. Yellow, orange, green and blue shades accent the primarily peach tones.

1891-O PCGS MS63 Morgan: SOLD https://imgur.com/a/ofFr2VJ
Blast white harder to find date.

1894-O PCGS AU58 Morgan: $850 https://imgur.com/a/XS5SFuA
Blast white and a really tough date to find in this grade. A couple hits on the cheek but the fields are really clean for an AU coin.

1897-S PCGS MS64 Morgan: SOLD only $10 over Greysheet! https://imgur.com/a/v88FuQ1
Blast white with frosty surfaces throughout.

1902-O NGC MS65 Morgan Toned: TRADED only $5 over Greysheet! https://imgur.com/a/rwQNJqc
Gem grade morgan with iridescent blue obverse toning near the date.

1904-S PCGS XF40 Morgan: TRADED https://imgur.com/a/rQxbhQO
I’m going to sell either the XF40 or the XF45. You choose and then the other one gets de-listed

1904-S NGC XF45 Morgan: WITHDRAWN https://imgur.com/a/x3AbeHm
Lot’s of nice detail on a nearly all white XF45. The price more than doubles going to an AU50!

1904-O NGC old Fatty DPL MS64 Morgan: TRADED only $5 over Greysheet! https://imgur.com/a/iduwDaz
Colorful perimeter toning on both sides in an old fatty holder. Beautiful coin but in full transparency the fields are on the border of PL and DPL.

1921 NGC Peace MS63: SOLD https://imgur.com/a/17RQkuK
Nice strike that’s clear from the detail in Liberty’s hair. The ‘21 Peace is beautiful in high relief but often poorly struck on the obverse. There’s some toning on the perimeter and great luster throughout.

1926-D NGC MS62 Peace: SOLD https://imgur.com/a/W4yZxna
A very well struck white coin with some minimal toning.

1927 PCGS MS64 Peace: TRADED https://imgur.com/a/vZO5s27
A harder to find date for Peace Dollars especially in higher grades. There’s a pleasant golden tone on both sides. I bought this from CheGrapes on this forum.

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