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1921 Morgan Dollars

Okay…here they come 😊 I will start with the Morgan’s, there are 12 total. In this photo they are all 1921. The coin in the 2nd row/right side column is 1921-S. The others have no mint mark. I thought I’d try the photo this way first. But if you need them closer & separately, I can do that too.
Coin Snap graded most as MS, nothing lower than XF. But I’m not sure how dependable that is. Or where they rate on the MS spectrum ($47-$65,000). Im pretty sure none are MS70… lol. I’m so excited to be able to talk about these coins with people who KNOW what they are 😁👍 thank you in advance soooo much 💕



  • Zach98Zach98 Posts: 59 ✭✭✭

    I can assure you none of those are MS70. The 1921 is one of the most common dates. Still nice coins though. If nothing else there nice pieces of junk silver.

  • Thank you Zach98. I was hoping for a bit more of an individual description. But I appreciate it. I have no visual reference/knowledge bank to draw from myself, when I look at these coins. I do know they aren’t MS70… but I don’t know what they are otherwise. I’m not sure I even fully understand what the term “junk silver” encompasses. My prior definition of the expression has expanded recently though… as I’ve learned junk silver can be quite a nice thing to have. I was quite happy with having 35 lbs of junk silver quarters. But.. I’ll save the quarters questions for another post so I stay on topic. With the Morgan’s I was hoping to better understand where my coins are on the grading spectrum. I thought maybe since there was several of the same year coin & varying in conditions. It might help give me some perspective …. I hope that makes sense.

  • grote15grote15 Posts: 29,503 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'd estimate value at about $225 for the 6 coins.

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  • Here are the other coins. More 1921 & a couple others

  • ifthevamzarockinifthevamzarockin Posts: 8,498 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Your first group of 6 coins the bottom left coin appears to be uncirculated, it's hard to tell an exact grade from your photos I would guess maybe in the MS-64 to MS-62 range. Better photos would be needed to give a better estimation.

    The top 4 coins appear to be in the AU-50 to AU-58 range

    The bottom right appears more in the XF range.

    Your bottom set of 6 coins the first coin looks like it might be a MS-63
    Second coin is XF maybe a very low AU.
    Third coin looks like a low AU
    Forth coin is XF
    Fifth coin 1880 S appears to be MS or high AU but cleaned.
    Sixth coin 1883 O could be anywhere between a AU-58 and MS-63. Better photo would be needed.

    You are doing great with your photos for a new member, with a little practice you will do better.
    Your photos are good enough to get in a general range of grade, if that's all you are trying to do is get a general idea and learn more about narrowing it yourself this is all you need to do. If you are wanting a little more precise grades we need just a little better photos. There are several threads here on the forum about how to take better photos with a phone or camera, just use the search function.

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