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Superb and Possibly Unique Satin Specimen Proof 1920 Shilling

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Other than the gold patterns of a couple of years later, this would likely represent the apex of George V shillings, the 1920 Satin Specimen 1920 (duck-tailed):

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    Almost matched by the 1924 satin specimen, however they are entirely differently prepared coins as the 1920 is much more the proof and far better struck than the 1924. The latter piece was silver plated most believe prior to striking and as the plating was thin and irregular depth did not fare well post-striking. It and the silver specimens of other denominations (3 pence through halfcrown - no crown) of this year aged rather poorly with the different silver composition of the plating coming away or variably thinned post-striking. These are thought not to be "pickled" in the acid bath that was occasionally used.
    This image has been lost on the pop report image so will have to wait until vacation return to post in-hand. The 1920 I could not paste....

    These are also different than the matte proof specimen of the 1925 Kruger-Gray pattern obverse and pattern shillings as well as the 1926 pattern matte specimen by Paget, nor the 1927 KG pattern proof obverse model or the 1927 matte proof of the standard issue KG designed coin.

    Love that Milled British (1830-1960)
    Well, just Love coins, period.
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