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1902 Montana National $20 blue seal plain back

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First National Bank of Lewistown 1902 $20 Blue Seal plain back. I have had this note for many years. It is in tough shape. I can find no auction results for a value. With the stains and missing corner my guess is it G4 at best. Should I have it certified and graded or is that just a waste of time and money? I am finally thinking of selling it. I forgot I had it until I was digging through a desk drawer.


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    nice note, i like :)

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    I bet that’s a rare note. My search of the charter number (7274) on the Heritage archives turned up nothing. Someone here that has Track & Price might verify my suspicions. The serial number at the top right is the Federal serial number and the serial number on the lower left is the serial number associated with the chartered bank. The upper signatures are engraved and the lower signatures look stamped.

    Depending on its value, it looks like the perfect candidate for Nancy Poli Restoration.

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    Your note is one of 33 recorded from this bank, according to Track and Price. It is one of five $20 plain backs recorded on the bank. As you might expect, this is the lowest graded of the five examples listed. Only two of the 33 notes have the second title of the bank, which includes "Fergus County" and these are the rare ones.

    The $5 and $10 notes turn up more frequently at auction but the last one sold was a $20 on 10/17/2020. It was sold on Ebay for $400 and graded VG8.

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    Thanks for the information.

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