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Selling My Non-Core Collection

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It's time to start selling off my non-core collection. For now, due to the sheer number of items, I will just be providing a list. If requested, I can add cell phone pics or I can break out my camera for actual pics if you're interested in an item. Offers are welcome!

Paypal or check is preferred, items will ship once payment clears. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have!

To start, I have some absolutely lovely 1960 halves in PR68. I do have an image for these. $85 for the PR68s, and I have two PR67s at $40. The 67s are from the same batch and are really just as nice.

Alright, now on to the list.
1939 10c, NGC PR66. Lovely, slight contrast. $300
1942 10c, NGC PR64. Original russet color. Exceptional obverse detail. $150.
1964 Accent Hair 50c, NGC PR66CAM. $190
1964 50c, NGC PR67. Obverse CAM/DCAM. $50
1942 1c, NGC PR65RD. Former PR64RD CAM. $250
1942 1c, NGC PR64RB. Good deep red with slight hues, deep mirrors. $120
1942 1c, NGC PR61RB. $30. On hold.
1964 Accent Hair 50c, NGC PR66. DDO VP-003. $180.
1956 25c, NGC PR68CAM. $65.
1963 25c, NGC PR67DCAM. $37.
1999-P Silver Eagle. PCGS PR69DCAM. $90.
1939-D 1c, NGC MS65RD. $20. On hold.
1939-S 1c, NGC MS65RD. $20. On hold.
1955-D 1c, NGC MS65RD. $18. On hold.
1936 1c, NGC MS65RD. $25. On hold.
1954-D 1c, NGC MS66RD. $10. On hold.
1942 1c, NGC PR63RB. $70.
1962 25c, NGC PR67DCAM. $45.
1959 25c, NGC PR67CAM. $35. On hold.
1958 25c, NGC PR66CAM. $20. On hold.
1957 25c, NGC PR67. $20. On hold.
1964 25c, NGC PR66CAM. $25. On hold.
1960 10c, NGC PR67. DDR FS-801. Should be CAM. $180.
Set of early Proof Jefferson Nickels, all grading roughly PR66. Capital holder, missing 1939. $400.
1960 Proof Sets. $33 each, for $38 shipped each. Bulk deal can be considered.
1942 50c, PCGS PR66. $550.
1938 25c, PCGS PR65. $180.
1942 25c, PCGS PR65. $100.
1942-P Type 2 5c, PCGS PR65. $125.

Reasonable offers are strongly considered. Thanks for looking! If you need images, please feel free to PM me. I didn't put them in here so it wasn't overwhelming.


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