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20 coins closing on November 19 on Great Collections

In case you might be interested, I have the following coins up on GC, closing next Sunday, November 19:

Canada 1936 Silver Dollar KM-31 PCGS MS-62
Canada 1953 Silver Dollar No Strap, Full Water Lines KM-54 PCGS MS-62
Canada 1960 Silver Dollar KM-54 PCGS PL-66
Germany - Prussia 1861-A Silver Groschen KM-485 PCGS MS-62
2002 $1 Silver Eagle PCGS MS-68 (Collectors Club Edition Label)
2003 $1 Silver Eagle PCGS MS-68 (Collectors Club Edition Label)
Germany - Prussia 1872-A Silver 1/2 Silber Groschen KM-484 PCGS MS-64
Germany - Prussia 1902-A Silver 5 Marks KM-523 PCGS MS-61
Germany 1909-F Silver 1/2 Mark KM-17 PCGS MS-67
Ireland 1942 Silver 1/2 Crown KM-16 PCGS MS-63
Switzerland 1953-B Silver 5 Francs KM-40 PCGS MS-65
Germany 1905-J Silver 1/2 Mark KM-17 PCGS MS-64
Germany 1918-J Silver 1/2 Mark KM-17 PCGS MS-65
Ireland 1942 Silver Shilling KM-14 PCGS MS-64
Switzerland 1945-B Silver 1/2 Franc KM-23 PCGS MS-64
Switzerland 1932-B Silver Franc KM-24 PCGS MS-65
Germany - Prussia 1873-A Silver 2 1/2 Silber Groschen KM-486 PCGS MS-64
Ireland 1949 6 Pence KM-13a PCGS MS-63
Switzerland 1944-B Silver Franc KM-24 PCGS MS-66
Ireland 1941 Silver Florin KM-15 PCGS MS-65



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