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Possibly counterfeit Cromwell shilling

I've just bought a long term goal of mine, that being an Oliver Cromwell shilling. Unfortunately, I have some doubts about it. I'll start with the weight. It's 4.84g, which is quite below the 6g that it should be.

Here are some images of the coin I bought.

I've noticed some detail problems on the lettering and other places. Filled in letters and features:

Also, the edge doesn't have any reeding, and has an odd notch.

Here is an image of a coin I found doing an image search that is of a similar condition and 5.72g.

Notice that it doesn't have any filled in letters.

Here is an image of one that is 4.5g in poorer condition.

Notice that this one does have some filled in letters.

I'm very curious as to the opinions of the community about this coin. Thank you in advance.


  • SapyxSapyx Posts: 1,966 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'd tend to agree with your suspicions: low weight, poor detail, no milling, and (to me) a yellowish tint to the high points, all point towards a brass replica. The "notch" implies to me a jewellery mark, which would make it a made-for-jewellery replica.

    I'm always suspicious whenever I see one of these in heavily circulated condition: these coins are effectively patterns, they were not struck in circulation quantities and never released for circulation. "Finding one in change" would have been like finding a Confederate Cent in change.

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  • Sigh. Thanks for your opinion Sapyx. I really hope someone more optimistic chimes in though!

  • robp2robp2 Posts: 141 ✭✭✭✭

    Not much possibly about it, it's definitely a cast copy. The letters are too close together, merging in some cases. If real, it would have started like this and certainly wouldn't have thickened towards the base of the relief to the extent seen, where some loops have completely filled in.

  • Yes. It's looking more obvious the longer I look at it. At least I can still return it. Thank you for the input robp.

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