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Go Eagles !


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    Eye's were created and added to mimic, intensity, obviously.
    In the photo above nothing was added on my part. Filters were used to decipher image on the coin's reverse.
    Look again at the S (the beak) . Now look where you would add two eyes.
    Now reverse the deciphering's pathway.
    That could be two eye's supporting what could be the reason for the S inside a shadow with shape.
    This needed to be told if you care or not. This one coin, a 1969 D/S lincoln Cent, has taught me and has amused me with it's astonishing images. Manmade ? I'm not judging who, what, when or where created. I do have SIMILAR EXAMPLE coins which does support each other's ARTWORK, superficially fair, and reasonable.

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    DPOTD 3
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