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In total, I was asking $143 for everything below. I'm thinning out my collection so I'm willing to let it go cheap.

Will someone take EVERYTHING listed for $75 postpaid?

Zelle, PPFF, Postal MO, Cleared Check.
More photos happily supplied if requested.

1972 Lincoln Cent Doubled Die #3 FS-103. This is a nice doubled die on its own, but it would also make a nice hole filler in place of the 1972 DD Biggie, i.e. Die #1/FS-101
Link to Variety Vista page for FS-103: 1972 DD Lincoln on Variety Vista

Coin #1 is nicer and an earlier die state than Coin #2, thus the price difference.
Coin #1: $60.00
Coin #2: $40.00

1975 Postal Service Bicentennial Commemorative Cover. Very nicely engraved medal.$10.00

Horatio Blanchard autograph. 5”x3”. Director of the US Mint 1879-1885. $15.00. This can be mailed post paid in a regular 1st class envelope without tracking upon request).

Nine nice 1971-D Ike Dollars. $18.00.


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