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Frank Howard (1936-2023) -- Washington Senators slugger/legend

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    RIP- I followed his career as a kid. Legends produce and leave more than statistics to memorialize their careers...They leave an impression. Frank Howard left a monumental impression not just for his towering home runs but for his sportsmanship which was second to none. There was a discussion on the boards here as to the longest HR in MLB. Howard should be part of that discussion.

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    Often for whatever reason, those big stocky guys don't live to a ripe old age.

    Howard made it to 87 years old, so that ain't bad at all.


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    One of the true greats of my childhood. R.I.P. Hondo.

    This is for you @thisistheshow - Jim Rice was actually a pretty good player.
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    Frank and Boog Powell. The Aaron Judges of their day. Both in size and HR blasts.

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    RIP. Frank had some impressive seasons. I sure wish they would have had the ability to measure his exit Velocity. I bet it was off the charts.

    George Brett, Bobby Orr and Terry Bradshaw.

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