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Virginia notes Before and after the American Revolution

Before the American revolution Virginia colonial notes had the colonial arms of the colony of Virginia prominently displayed:

"En Dat Virginia Quartam" translates as " Behold! Virginia Contributes a Quarter" meaning Virginia was one-quarter of the British dominions - the others being England/Scotland (combined in 1707 as Great Britain) , France, and - Ireland.

Notes with this slogan were authorized up to May 1776.

In May 1776 a new coat of arms was depicted on Virginia notes:

Theses notes featured a prominently female goddess of virtue. She is resting on a spear standing on the King with her long spear pointed down indicating her victory. In her other hand she has a parazonium - a dagger that indicates her importance. The King's crown is on the ground and a broken chain is in his left hand showing that Virginia is free of the King's rule. A useless whip is in his right hand - Virginia can no longer be tormented by Intolerable acts.

The motto is no longer "En Dat Virginia Quartum," but is now SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS -"ever thus (defeat) to tyrants."


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    My how the attitude towards Britain changed over those sixteen years. I love the mottoes on these in both Latin and English because they reflect such passion and serious sentiments, leading to our independence as the first of a new type of Nation. Thanks for the post.

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