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USMEX report

What great show this is !

Most of the coins on the bourse Mexico and Latin America.

Wonderful group of knowledgeable dealers specializing in these cons for years .

Worldwide Numismatics LLC did a great job setting up the bourse , they donated plenty to the silent auction which raises funds for the USMEX organization. Kudos to them

Some specialty articles on their site !

Sedwick, Stacks Bowers, and Heritage b RT brought consignments for lot viewing regards upcoming auctions . Nice .

On Thursday evening Heritage sponsored a nice poolside mini buffet while silent bidding was going
on and afterwards several awards were given out for research contributions to USMEX for 2023 .

Then tonight Kent Ponterio is hosting a barbecue at his home and pinball playing .

Transportation provided by hired buses .

Intimate bourse .

Here is a picture taken at dinner last night .

I manage money. I earn money. I save money .
I give away money. I collect money.
I don’t love money . I do love the Lord God.


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