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French Liard coin, 1600’s, any help appreciated

My buddy had this coin, I couldn’t give him much more information that what was listed on the holder. Anyone decipher the scripts? Anyone have any additional info on it? Any special stories? Pics aren’t the best, sorry.

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  • This looks like the liard du Dauphiné (10 July 1488) in Duplessy #601, with DALPHS VIENENSIS (Dauphiné of Viennois) on the obverse and KAROLVS FRANCOR REX on the reverse. There has been several hypotheses about the origin of the name "dauphin" from which the obverse canting arms are derived, but an old Latin name from the 4th century is the most likely:

    I believe Charles VIII's father, Louis XI, was the first to issue this type as royal coinage, which itself borrowed from feudal predecessors.

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    Thank you so much @DGFR !!!

    I'm BACK!!! Used to be Billet7 on the old forum.

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