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Reholdering Using Vouchers

I am considering resubmitting some previously graded PCGS coins to be reholdered into Gold Shield holders this December at the Las Vegas show. I currently have eight (8) vouchers and with the quarterly special I could have ten (10) coins graded as Gold Shield. Since reholdering a previously PCGS graded coin is $25 and having a raw coin graded using the same Gold Shield service is $40, a difference of $15 per coin, would there be a remaining $150 using the vouchers and the quarterly special to have an additional six (6) coins reholdered at the $25 service cost?

So I am figuring eight (8) vouchers at $40/ea = $320 in fees
Add the Quarterly Special of two (2) additional gradings per four (4) coins at $40 = $80
This gives a total of $400 in voucher and quarterly special grading fees.

Reholdering as Gold Shield is $25 per coin
$400 in vouchers/specials would allow sixteen (16) coins to be reholdered at the $25 service cost.

Is this possible or would PCGS just reholder 10 coins using the eight vouchers and the quarterly special?


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    labloverlablover Posts: 3,602 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited October 26, 2023 8:03AM

    From the PCGS Website:

    Gold and Platinum memberships include a voucher for the specified number of complimentary coin or banknote submissions.
    Restrictions apply.

    These free grading vouchers are a great way to get started building your PCGS-graded coin and banknote collection. They are valid for submissions of U.S. or World (non-U.S.) coins or banknotes equivalent to either the Regular Standard or Regular Gold Shield service level. Vouchers are not valid for Restoration Services, Mint Errors, Special Issues, Additional Services, Guarantee Premium fees or coins valued over $2,500. Vouchers are valid for submissions to the PCGS U.S. office only. Vouchers are valid for the term of the original membership only. Customer is responsible for Guarantee Premium fees, return shipping, and handling.

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