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Wanted: 1977 -1979 Topps MLB cards.

I'm looking for the following Topps cards in PSA 9 condtion with no qualifiers. I'm also interested in high end PSA 8's for some of the cards. If you have any for sale please email me a photo for the front and back of the card. I'm only interested in cards that are nicely centered and are legit 9's. I'm willing to pay current market value.

Thank you

1977 - Guidry, Torre, Jenkins, Perry, Munson, VIda Blue, Fingers, Palmer, Fidrych, Parker, D. Evans, Sutton, Blyleven, Keith Hernandez, Phil Niekro, Gossage, Yount, Kaat, and Simmons.

1978 - Phil Niekro, McCovey, Fidrych, Sutter, Parker, Lynn, Perry, D. Evans, and Kaat.

1979 - Stargell, Molitor, Eckersley, Simmons, Winfield, Kaat, Morris, Sutton , JR Richard, Blyleven, Perry, Palmer, Fingers, Sutter, Guidry, Baker, Phil Niekro, and Fidrych.


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    NFS (and I have more)... good to see others desire these cards. They are harder to find as most already have them & want to hang on to them (like me). ;) Good luck!

    Enjoy your collection!
  • Bump. Still looking. Please contact me if you have anything to sell on my list.

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