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Spokane, WA Estate Lot

The sale it not listed anywhere yet but I did put the video up for everyone recently. This lot was purchased at an estate sale many years ago. I am helping to sell this on behalf of a relative. The cards are all in Spokane, WA. The cards are in two separate basements right now and you'll see the video shot in two locations, but all will be in one place for pickup.

To save you some time I can tell you this... I think most things worth $50+ were probably sold but I believe some of the sports had not been gone through yet so Im not really sure. There still seemed like lots in the $1-$5 range and of course, lots of junk wax. There is a mix of sports here with lots of 80's and 90's cards as well as some older stuff. Some of the highlights include '89 Fleer basketball with two MJ sticker cards and lots of other great players still in there. There is some 1980's Topps baseball and lots of other assorted vintage cards. I think the oldest card that I found was from about 1955. Lots of 1990s base cards etc as well. If you skip to 28:13 you'll see a wide shot of 1/2 half of this lot that is all together.



  • giantsfan20giantsfan20 Posts: 1,343 ✭✭✭✭

    Good luck in your endeavor in selling that accumulation of common cards of no real value to attract buyers. :(

    If you get any offers take it and be done wIth it as finding somebody interested in that stuff is minimal.

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